Living With A Hearing Disability

Be it a sound of laugh of a child, birds chirping, a sound of alarm in the morning, chatting with a friend, or a great song on a radio, altogether makes a great experience for everyone’s life. Losing the ability to hear will be depressing, because, a person with hearing disability cannot communicate with others, and cannot understand what’s happening around him or her. There are many types of hearing loss, but age-related hearing loss is different from. Because, the loss occurs slowly in a person with this condition, affecting both ears equally. Moreover, a person may not realize that they have lost some of their hearing ability. Visit Kelowna hearing aids for more information on this.

Early Onset of Age-related Hearing Loss

We all take hearing for granted easily. While in a conversation, we might miss few words in between, but that would not effect our everyday life activities, such as: chatting with a friend, talking over a phone call, or listening to music. We do all of them without paying attention to how our ears hear them. But, things won’t be same once you lose your hearing. A person cannot follow up a simple conversation happens at a noisy place or cannot answer to the doorbell or a phone call, which becomes an actual issue. If a person cannot cope up actively with other’s in their normal daily social activities due to hearing loss, they experience all sorts of emotions from sadness to loneliness. They may also feel irritated for not able to concentrate to hear what people say, which also effects their relationships with their dear ones.

Certain factors contribute to the early onset of age-related hearing loss. Your quality of hearing can be hereditary, and excessive use of earphones with high volumes can damage your hearing ability drastically. Age-related hearing loss onsets soon in a bad smoker more than a non-smoker. It is easy to understand if one experience hearing loss suddenly, but age-related hearing loss occurs slowly over the years, which is not easy to recognize. Some sounds are still easy to hear, but some seem to be harder to listen. Being aware of how you respond to certain sounds and if you often end up saying ‘’what did you say’’, or “could you please repeat” while talking to another person, make yourself an appointment with a doctor to test your ears. Do not worry if you are diagnosed with age-related hearing loss, though there is no permanent treatment, you can lead a normal life with hearing aids your doctor recommends you.

Hear With Hearing Aids

Age-related hearing loss is a condition that progresses over time. There is no cure for this condition and if you lose hearing with age, then it is permanent. Just because you lose your hearing ability with age, does not mean that you have to compromise your quality of life. You can get local help by searching for a local audiology clinic using search terms like Kelowna hearing aids that provides electronic and assistive devices, they can help you to hear sounds again. Although they do not restore your hearing, they can improve your quality of life. Hearing aids help a person with this condition to come out of depression, anxiety and social isolation they felt before. Find out how you can minimize loss of ability to hear completely in your day-to-day life, such as avoid exposing yourself to loud noises for long hours every day.